Marley cooling tower fill

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Some Specifications: Cross flow marley cooling tower fill(length*width) Corrugation depth*thickness Weight/sheet 2526mm * 1220mm 19mm * 0.3mm 1.4kgs 2180mm * 1220mm 19mm * 0.32mm 1.2kgs 2680mm * 1520mm 19mm * 0.35mm 2.15kgs 1500mm * 610mm 19mm * 0.38mm 0.52 kgs


MX Fill is available in MX75 configuration and higher-performing MX625 configuration. MX is a hanging film type cooling tower fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow. This type of fill provides much more water surface exposure per cubic foot than splash type fill.

MX fill incorporates highly efficient cellular drift eliminators, integrally molded within the fill sheets. Compared with previous designs, these eliminators reduce drift emissions from the tower by a factor of ten or more! Less drift means tower owners save water bills and water treatment chemical expenses.

Louvers are also integrally molded within the fill sheets preventing water from escaping and assuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow. Unlike towers equipped with separate external louvers, this fill operates virtually ice-free even in extremely cold weather.

Marley MC75 is a film fill system designed for counterflow towers offering you several distinct advantages.

Crossed corrugations provide the surface area and turbulence to develop efficient heat transfer. The corrugations inherently establish uniform fill sheet spacing at 0.75.




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